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About Us

Transcending the Fashion Boundaries with Passion and Innovation

Aum stands as an epitome of luxury, style and elegance reflecting through a perfect amalgamation of Indian cultural heritage and contemporary fashion styles. It takes pride in the 25 years legacy of innovatively experimenting with fabrics, textures and looks. However, the foundation stone of the fashion brand as a retail outlet of exclusive attire collection was laid on September 30, 2011. It was a momentous collaboration of skilled and creative talents including designers, tailors, managers, sales professionals, financial personnel, and hospitality agents. Since then, Aum has constantly followed the long-standing belief, “Fashion Changes, Style Remains Forever”.

Transforming Inspiration to Fashion

Travelling through the world of fashion, that’s what I do; transforming inspiration to fashion.

I am Neeraj Jain, the CEO of Aum. Imbued with passion, innovation and creation, I strongly believe in intelligent experimentation. Nature, people, man-made architectures, designer outfits and the world around inspires me and excites my sense of fashion. Be it any small piece of landscape or a large architecture, I strive to innovatively transform the reflected aesthetics on a piece of fabric. The beautiful testimony of my fashion creation is an exquisitely designed sherwani with a mountainous landscape inspired by the mountain ranges in Phuket. My visit to Phuket inspired me to define a statement of fashion trend. Adding to the trend is another piece of Sherwani, design of which is inspired by a magnificently decorated wedding stage.

Moving further, what inspires me are my idols Azzedine Alaia, Manish Malhotra, Giorgio Armani and Late Alexander McQueen. My idols stir deep within me a sense of enthusiasm with a virtual runway of the most luxurious designer wear.

Delivering Quality with Commitment

If you ask me, all I would say is, “Fashion is art of style and science of comfort”. And that’s what we try to deliver.

However, we do not make a 100% commitment to timely deliver. Yes, we certainly take the most assiduous efforts to deliver on time but at times we may fail to do so. It’s not because we cannot but because we may get bound to. If a faulty piece of fabric is received from the mill, we may borrow some time from you. If the designing and fit is not upto the quality mark, we may borrow some time. By all means, the time delays would assuredly be informed. All we expect from you is have faith in us; although late but the delivery would be to the highest quality standards.

We, at Aum, are committed to deliver high quality fabrics rolled out directly from the world-renowned mills in Surat, Daman, Benaras and Italy as well. Through the channels we pledge to capture the best and deliver the best. With the enticing range of fabrics we get, all we do is create elegant designer wears with just the perfect fit and style. Both in quality and design, we assure to stand par excellence.

Extending a warm welcome to all, we invite you to our treasure trove of the most fashionable attires reflecting a fusion of style and elegance.


Thank you,

Neeraj Jain
CEO of Aum